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Craft Rage

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Swimsuit Issues

I've mentioned before that I'm a plus sized woman - I'm currently hovering somewhere between 22 and 24, and am slowly losing weight (another story altogether).

Last fall, at the end of the season, I was fortunate enough to find a bin of swimsuit separates in all kinds of colors and sizes, some that went together, and some that didn't, all for three dollars each piece.  The only catch is, the tops are all sort of ugly, and the bottoms are all shaped vaguely like granny panties.

Now, I get the physics of stuffing my fat rump into giant granny panties, but I have to say, I'm not fond of the look.  It's not like I go to the beach to pick up guys, but a girl wants to be able to PRETEND that they still look great in a swimsuit.  Thus, all my swimsuits have little skirts attached, to hide my tush, and make it so that I can pretend that the tops of my thighs don't touch.

Thus, my latest project is re-vamping all the swimsuit bottoms and tops.  On the bottoms, I'll be adding simple little skirts, and for some of the tops, I'll either be adding a bit of length via a coordinating swimsuit fabric, or else I'll be revamping all the tops altogether.

The reason my last couple of posts have been light on pictures is because I've been having some laziness issues, whereupon the pictures are either still on my camera when I go to write posts, or else I've taken the time to download them to my computer, but I'm at a different computer when I go to post.

Yesterday, I solved this issue by splurging on a couple of Eye-fi cards, so that as I take the pictures, they'll automatically upload to my picture server on my network, as well as to Picasa.  Next post, I'll actually have things to show you!


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